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Eric's dance portrait of me
Photo Credit: Eric Hovermale

Kerstin Zettmar (Pronounced SHESH-tin ZET-marr) was born and raised in Sweden and is now a dual citizen, living and working in Newport, RI, USA.

  In 1987 she took a 6-week class in "Swedish Massage", taught by a French woman in Newport, RI.  Realizing the irony of this, she returned to her homeland and trained at Axelsson's Gymnastiska Institute in what was called Classical Massage. (They had never heard of Swedish Massage.)


   In 1989 she returned to Newport, had her Swedish Massage Therapy certificates translated, verified, notarized and obtained an RI-license in Massage Therapy. 

  In 1990, she founded MIRA Holistic Services. The name MIRA appeared to her in a dream, where it was explained that it was an acronym for Massage Therapy, Introspection, Rejuvenation, and Art- all the things she was to focus on from then on. 


  Through the years Kerstin has continued studying and adding different modalities for body, mind, and spirit, to her practice.


  The common denominator in all her offerings is a connection to self, others, community, and a higher power. 

  Kerstin says; "I started with the physical wellness piece, (Therapeutic Massage), then I added the emotional and mental modalities (Rosen Method and Expressive Art), and then finally the more directly spiritual offerings. (Yoga and Past Life Regression.) To me, they all go together, but I meet my clients where they are willing and ready to go and honor their boundaries. I do not mix modalities unless the client and I agree to do so."


  As a parallel endeavor, Kerstin has continued to create and sell her unique fiber art, paintings, and prints, and has participated in solo and group shows in the USA and abroad. 


  For Kerstin, art making is part of her spiritual practice. To see her art, please visit:

Interested in having Kerstin come to your Holistic business, your yoga studio, or group for a lecture or workshop? That may be arranged by contacting her at or calling


Past Life Regression at Long Time Sun!.p
Kerstin guest teaching at Long Time Sun.
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