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Expressive Art

  • Facilitates access to subconscious material.

  • Releases inner images through art.

  • Transforms inner impressions.

  • Helps you learn how to play and create again.

  • Bridges the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind.

  • Allows the creative flow when there are no words for your experience.

  • Makes you aware of your emotions.



Private: $90 includes plus materials.


Are you already part of a group of five or more people who could benefit from Expressive Art? Contact Kerstin to set up a time.


Please observe there is a 24 hr cancellation policy.

Expressive art is a therapeutic tool used to access our innermost images, which constitute our imagination. Human imagination is not part of the strategic mind but is rather an expression of the soul. We need to stay close to our own soul images in order to live our deepest truth.


Research in Psychoneuroimmunology has verified that the images we generate inside our own minds have an effect on our physical and emotional health. Kerstin (a certified Expressive Arts Facilitator through Salve Regina University in 2001), assures you that you do not have to be an artist to benefit from this modality.

In Expressive Art, images and thoughts from our subconscious are invited to surface. We acknowledge the validity of what we find and give expression to that through our drawing, painting, sculpting, movement etc. Kerstin finds that her training in the Rosen Method assists her in supporting you through this exploratory process.

When reviewing our images, we often see that in the cradle of the old, are the seeds of the new, waiting to be brought forth. This is profound work and simultaneously a lot of fun. If you have questions contact Kerstin.

"Kerstin is an amazing educator and holistic healthcare professional. In the times that I have observed her work and her teaching, I have seen a true professional with heart and passion for her work, as well as a commitment to excellent work."

— Susan Fox

Zettmar Studio

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