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  • Hypnosis can be a powerful tool in changing behaviors and habits since it addresses the unconscious thought patterns governing much of what we do. It is perfectly safe and the client is always in control of what happens.

  • Effective in changing unhealthy patterns in relationships.

  • Deeply relaxing.

  • Can help eliminate phobias.

  • Can help treat addiction, cravings.

  • May help with sleep disorders.

  • Can help lower anxiety levels.

  • Boosts confidence.

  • Improve performance.



Private hypnosis session: $100

Group Sessions for Deep Relaxation (Minimum five people.) $20 per person. Cash or Check.

Group Sessions are offered in Zettmar Studio regularly, or get your own group of five people together and set up a time.


Cash, Check or PayPal accepted. 

Please observe there is a 24 hr cancellation policy.
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A few years ago, Harvard Medical School came out with a statement saying, ”We do not know exactly how hypnosis works, but we know it does work since we are able to perform surgeries on patients under hypnosis without anesthesia.” 


Kerstin trained with and was certified by Suzy Conklin Nance in Newport, RI. You can make a private appointment with Kerstin to work on a particular issue. There are also popular group sessions in hypnosis offered in Zettmar Studio on a regular basis for “Deep Relaxation and Activation of the Imagination.”

"I had my first hypnosis with Kerstin and it was just amazing. I never felt so deeply relaxed and comfortable. She is helping me with a lifelong issue, overeating. After the session, I feel ready and able to take charge of my health, besides being deeply tranquil. Looking forward to seeing improvement over time. She is great. Go!"

— Tina Guldemond

MIRA Office

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