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Past Life Regression


  • Unlock hidden talents.

  • Create more compassion for yourself and others.

  • Can help you understand the dynamics in current relationships.

  • Reveal your life’s purpose

  • Overcome fear of death

  • Connects you with the mysteries of life.

  • Through an understanding PLRT, a person can often lessen or completely eradicate the unwanted symptoms or challenges.



Private: $100.

Group(Arranged): $30 per person.


Cash, Check or PayPal


Please observe there is a 24 hr cancellation policy.

In 2013, Kerstin was certified by Dr. Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT). This modality can help a person better understand where some of their tendencies, talents, fears, and phobias or physical difficulties may have originated.

PLRT can also help shed light on the reasons why we experience difficulty in our relationships with family members or intimate partners. Often, we tend to be born into the same “soul-families” again and again in different constellations. Without counseling, we keep repeating destructive habits until we get them right.


Kerstin loves doing this kind of work. All hypnosis is in a way self-hypnosis, so the client is actively choosing to let go and to participate in the process, allowing the images, figures, and scenes to emerge from their inner mind.


Kerstin is experienced in guiding clients into a deeply relaxed state of focused concentration, but she does not control what the client, experiences. She simply supports and provides counsel.

Regression, done correctly can provide answers to why you are here and causes of different struggles in life.  It can also reconnect you with a talent or skill you once had.

"We participated in a past life regression with Kerstin and it was a well-conducted and profound experience. Kerstin is extremely knowledgeable about holistic and spiritual matters and is dedicated to her work. We highly recommend her."

— Ben Riggs

MIRA Office

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