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"Kerstin’s commitment to her own development makes her a truly compassionate and highly capable teacher and therapist. Authentic, creative and lighthearted, she naturally embodies the principles of her given specialties providing those who seek her services with a high level of care. An inspiring and gifted individual."

— Paul Zasada

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"Simply the best massage therapy available. She's knowledgeable, always checks in with you first for current aches and pains, her room is stunningly painted (you'll want to hire her), and she is very responsive to schedules. She's been my go-to for therapy for eight years this month."

— Jim Roehm

"Having had massage therapy in spas from coast to coast, I can say unequivocally that this therapist is a magician. Her intuitive combination of soothing and deep touch loosens the tightest muscles (and trust me, she finds them). The overall effect of a 50-minute session with her... I'm gonna call it jello euphoria. Not kidding. Go get healed at MIRA."

— Wendy Logan

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"Thank you, Kerstin, for the wonderful massage on my shoulders last week! Afterward, they felt better than they have in months! " :-)

— Vicki Tarsagian

"As in everything she does, Kerstin brings to her holistic healing business tremendous energy, creativity and above all passion to really help those who use her services. My wife says that her massage by Kerstin was the best massage in her life, by far. EVERYONE deserves the kind of care that Kerstin provides, and I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation."

— Tom Shamrell

 "My husband and I attended Kerstin's Couples Massage Class on Valentine's Day last year. She facilitated the class beautifully, making my husband and I feel at ease and providing many opportunities for us to learn more about one another while also having a great time. 

I highly recommend this class- it is a wonderful gift to give (and receive) and can deepen relationships in surprising ways."

— Sara Heller

"The precious and thoughtfully performed work done by Kerstin is priceless. She provides a safe and warm setting to drift into a calm, open state to fully receive the blessings of her skillfully acquired massage therapy knowledge. There isn't a special set of buzz terms to use in describing the technique but for the general person its more than just relief of pain or irritations. It comes down to being safe and empty to allow entry by a person who is very talented at understanding the human mind and parts of our bodies that need to be affected by touch. In addition to her skills in Rosen Method, Yoga and beautiful unique art, Kerstin is a great vocalist. She has an amazing tone, and can convey very thoughtful ideas with humor and grace."

— Kevin Bruff

"Kerstin's studio is one of the safest spaces I've known. I found her yoga classes 8 years ago while overworked stressed, & in pain. I had practiced yoga before, but Kerstin's approach brings in all the diversity of her experience & is simply unparalleled. She balances movement & rest, humor & spirituality, all while the sun sets outside church windows & you steady yourself by gazing into the incredible fiber art hung across the walls. Those classes became the center of my busy weeks & through the sessions, I began a long journey back to myself. Kerstin brought me the gift of true self-care, of letting go & treating my body to my undivided attention. I have attended a couple’s massage class & other offerings in her magical studio space & continue to prioritize making my way there any time I'm back in Newport. I recommend Kerstin & all she has to offer to anyone in need of skilled & genuine support in their life. With Kerstin, you will always feel at ease regardless of where you find yourself along the path of life. I am endlessly grateful for her guidance & love."

— Elissa

Rosen Method Logo Located In MIRA Office

Comments heard from Kerstin's Rosen Clients:

1/   Whether I am laughing or crying when I leave after a Rosen Method Session I am always breathing easier and have a sense of actually being inside myself rather than being beside myself or ahead of myself.


2/   Although there have been a number of magical or mystical moments in my work with the Rosen Method I would say that this work fundamentally has helped to ground me into my body. This work enables me to feel my body and my emotions in a very direct and honest way. Through this, there has been an awakening of my deeper self and a longing to express what I know and desire.


3/   I used to get into these "moods" that would last for days, Now that I am learning to pay attention to what I truly feel and trust that I have a right to my feelings I give myself permission to be with what is happening and the uncomfortable feeling dissolves in 30 minutes or so.

It is really amazing!


4/   As long as I can remember I have carried around this huge sadness. I am learning to gradually let it out and let it go and that seems to create a space inside of me where other feelings have a chance to exist. Slowly I am discovering that I also can feel genuine joy for the moment at hand. I now have hope that there is another way to be in this world, a lighter way, that may be available to me in spite of all the hardship I had to live through.

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"I came to Kerstin initially for Rosen Body/Soul Therapy, which combines touch and talks therapy to work through personal trauma. It was wonderful to see her over the course of a few months- she always greeted me warmly and was easy to talk to during our sessions. She is also extremely knowledgeable about the mind-body connection and has an unbelievable intuition and feel for the places in one's body where trauma is stored. Also, my husband and I attended Kerstin's Couples Massage Class on Valentine's Day last year. She facilitated the class beautifully, making my husband and I feel at ease and providing many opportunities for us to learn more about one another while also having a great time. I highly recommend Kerstin's services to anyone who seeks unconventional therapy that directly addresses the mind-body connection. Her warmth, compassion, and empathy made it an amazing experience. I also recommend the Couples Massage class- it is a wonderful gift to give (and receive) and can deepen relationships in surprising ways."

— Sara Heller

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"Nineteen years ago I was introduced to Rosen Method and Kerstin Zettmar in the body-mind class in the MA of Holistic Counseling at Salve Regina University. The memory of my experience to this day is bright and full of welcoming energy. This I believe reflects the vitality that Rosen Method work awakens in me. I had the privilege of teaching those very class years later and continued to be deeply touched at how Kerstin was able to not only give a masterful introduction to this deeply healing modality but also to enliven the students' curiosity to want to learn more; a mark of a gifted teacher as well as a therapist. I continue to return to personally working with Kerstin and Rosen Method because I have been able to work through both traumatic experiences as well and relational injuries in a way that does not overwhelm my system but respects it. My attention can be challenging to stabilize yet with the touch aspect of Rosen Method and Kerstin’s mastery, I now experience being more settled in my body and in my being. As the layers of the old story fall away, the Rosen work currently is bringing me more in contact with the deeper questions that I consider spiritual. I must say that it is difficult for me to separate Rosen Method from Kerstin because her expression and practice of this deeply powerful work feels like a reflection of Kerstin’s deep wisdom and compassionate presence. I truly feel blessed that 19 years ago I discovered both a modality and a practitioner that I could entrust my experience too. A heartfelt thank you to Kerstin and her Rosen Method practice."

— Faye Sotirakis, MA, LMHC

"Outstanding! I have worked with Kerstin for more than a decade. Her talent as a bodyworker/healer is unsurpassed!"

— Alexis Heitman

"Kerstin is amazing! She is so understanding, open, kind, and down to earth (but also willing to travel with you out in space) I had a Rosen Method session with her and it definitely helped me with things I have struggled with from my past. She is a wonderful host for events- professional, direct, and supportive. And she is an amazing artist! I recommend her for anyone who wants to feel safe to be vulnerable with their inner world. I have only good things to say. Love you, Kerstin!!"

— Sam Ogden

"My doctor wanted to put me on antidepressants; my therapist wanted me to talk about it more. The terrible depression and anxiety I experienced, especially when PMSing, was unrelenting, and I felt like a shell of my former self and a stranger to my loved ones for about 4 years. I didn't know that it was textbook PTSD until I started to work with Kerstin. She and I worked together to tackle my demons. I confronted and sat with these past events until I understood them and let them go. By working hard and implementing a combination of compassion and being honest with myself, I have been able to regain my identity, my PMS is barely noticeable, and I no longer dwell on the past events that hurt me. We have only done 4 60-minute sessions, but we are definitely going to keep working together. I am so grateful for Kerstin's kindness, patience, sense of humor, and her uncanny ability to always ask the right questions!!!"

— Nicole B.

Rosen Method
Past Life Regression At MIRA Office

"My Past Life Regression experiences have given me the opportunity to explore visions and dreams that appear while in a state of deep relaxation.  I have worked with Kerstin on both a one on one consultation and in a group setting.  The experiences have ranged from ordinary dream-like visions to very profound, detailed journeys that have given me a new-found level of understanding to relationships, especially those that have been difficult. In all of these settings, Kerstin has provided a safe and gentle journey into hypnosis where I was able to deeply relax, yet still, feel completely in control. I would highly recommend working with Kerstin if you are curious about your sub-conscious mind or you just need a deep relaxation. Kerstin's approach will allow you to sink into the comfort of knowing that you will be gently guided and supported on your journey."

— Nancy

"We participated in a past life regression with Kerstin and it was a well-conducted and profound experience. Kerstin is extremely knowledgeable about holistic and spiritual matters and is dedicated to her work. We highly recommend her."

— Ben Riggs

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"I can recommend Kerstin as a holistic healer of enormous effectiveness, both psychologically and physically. You'll receive the same effective treatment when you work with her."

— Henry Packer

"Kerstin Zettmar is a light that makes you feel warm, cared for and loved. Her blissful presence is what draws me to her regressions and is also what allows me to dive deep within my unconscious. To me, it is important to feel comforted and grounded during past life regressions, so the energy she radiates works very well. One of my favorite parts of the session is getting familiar with the other group members and hearing their stories. This again, adds to the safe space.

 A spirit guide of mine appeared to me during one regression! But the most amazing part about the regression is the healing that takes place after remembering and experiencing places in need of healing. In one of them, I learned where my fear of authority derives from!  Because of Kerstin’s regressions, I can shed loving light and heal those blockages. All my experiences have been magical and liberating with Kerstin. She is a true healer."

— Celena

"Wonderful experience! If you have an issue that's been following you all your life, or maybe you're just curious, this is a wonderful way to begin your journey of self-discovery. Kerstin is very professional, very knowledgeable, and just a lovely person.  I plan on attending more of her workshops and perhaps do some one on one session. Truly amazing! Thanks, Kerstin!"

— Deb Z

Past Life Regression
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"I have been going to Kerstin's yoga studio for about 10 years. Her studio is cozy and relaxing. As soon as I enter I feel I'm in a protective cocoon. She always ask us how we feel and adjust her yoga practice accordingly. In the end, she massages our feet with a warm lotion that melts away any tension we might still have. I have been to other studios but Kerstin knows our name and gives us a personal touch rather than just being a customer."

— Kathleen Papp

"I have been attending Kerstin’s Thursday morning gentle yoga class for more than a decade. The class is one of the highlights of my week. Each week, the well-rounded class varies, focusing on different chakras, meridians, and muscle groups. Kerstin is delightful. She shares her vast knowledge and experience in each session. Her lightheartedness makes the class fun. AND, this all takes place in Kerstin’s art studio so, while practicing, you are surrounded by her exquisite, inspirational artwork. I highly recommend the class to beginners and seasoned students, alike."

— Maria Aureli

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Illustration Credit:

William Heydt —

"Yoga at Zettmar Studio has been a part of my life for over 11 years. For me, Kerstin's yoga studio represents beauty, love, life, health, spiritual awareness and so much more."

— Vicki Tarsagian

"I am new to the practice of yoga and recently began classes with Kerstin. If you have ever contemplated starting yoga but failed to take the first step for whatever reason, here is the place to start! Kerstin's gentleness and encouragement create a safe and loving environment to become familiar with the poses and allow your body to fully relax and begin the process of rejuvenation. I recommend her without reservation and with great enthusiasm!"

— Karin O

"Kerstin Zettmar is an amazing friend, healer, yoga teacher, and artist. I would recommend her for anything. She is a person of quality and substance beyond reproach. I have known her for almost 20 years and feel blessed to have her in my life."

— John Repoza


"Kerstin is an amazing educator and holistic healthcare professional. In the times that I have observed her work and her teaching, I have seen a true professional with heart and passion for her work, as well as a commitment to excellent work."

— Susan Fox

"Being with Kerstin is an experience like no other. She is a true earth angel, bringing healing and inspiration to all who meet her. I've experienced both her group and individual sessions in numerous modalities, including Rosen Method workshops, group, and individual Past Life Regressions, painting workshops, astrology, and guided meditation, and yoga. Her skills and intuition are top-notch, and her grace, ease, and kindness make each person feel at home and at peace. Anytime Kerstin posts a new workshop or class I immediately check my calendar to see if I can make it! I highly recommend any and all of her services. There is something about her nurturing and inspiring energy you just have to experience to believe!

— Erika Moore

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"Kerstin is a very creative and responsible professional who I strongly recommend. She's is compassionate and thoughtful in regards to the work and its ethics. I appreciated her attention and serious work."

— Lilian Schreiner

"Kerstin is a wonderful artist & practitioner who brings a unique way of being to her work. She is insightful, expert in her areas of specialty, funny, kind, professional and committed to delivering the best possible result for her clients & colleagues. I would highly recommend Kerstin as a therapist and treasure her and the pieces of her artwork in my home."

— Karen Hall

Expressive Art
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 "I had my first hypnosis with Kerstin and it was just amazing. I never felt so deeply relaxed and comfortable. She is helping me with a lifelong issue, overeating. After the session, I feel ready and able to take charge of my health, besides being deeply tranquil. Looking forward to seeing improvement over time. She is great. Go!" 

— Tina Guldemond

"After participating in both “private” and “group” hypnosis sessions with Kerstin, I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to quit a habit or just to relax and reduce stress. For me, it has been incredibly relaxing and very effective!"

— Vicki Tarsagian

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